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Top 7 Tips in Selecting the Best Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is great idea to add the value of your house, and to let friends and family enjoy your backyard for barbeque, coffee, or dinner. Here are tips to find the best. 1. Perfect Material Being outside, you will need appropriate material. Do not choose steel unless it has appropriate cover to prevent heat […]

7 Trends on Modern Furniture and Interior Design

Decorating your house is a nice thing to do. However, you may want to get a clue from the next trends prediction. You do not have to follow the trends, but you can use it as inspiration and keep your style and being so updated as well in the same time. 1. Fabric Prints Patterns […]

10 Different Types and Applications of Living Room Furniture

Basically, there are several types of living room furniture. Each of the type will deliver specific function. However, to make more unique and personalized living room, we can always modify the uses and have more options in the room. Here are the basic types and uses of the living room furniture. 1. Common Chairs Chairs […]