Why a Flat Roof is a Good Thing

Flat Roof Why a Flat Roof is a Good ThingFlat roofs are typically found over commercial properties but what a lot of people don’t realize is that they also have a lot to offer homes. They’re just not usually given the chance to show what they got because they are being trumped by more popular roofing options. There is comfort in choosing what’s familiar but, if you’re due for a replacement anyway, why not take the time to consider ALL available options to you? Your home, after all, deserves not just any roof.

Interested in what flat roofs can offer you? Consider the following reasons why having one can be a good thing:

It is easier to install and maintain

A flat roof doesn’t require the same structural supports that a pitched roof needs so it can generally be installed without additional construction, helping cut back on labor and material costs. And once installed, it is also easier to inspect, with maintenance tasks more easily carried out compared to what a pitched roof would require.

It offers savings upfront and down the line

As a flat roof doesn’t usually require additional construction, it lets homeowners cut back on labor and material costs associated with an installation. And because it is also easy to maintain, additional savings are acquired down the line, with more value for money enjoyed depending on how long a flat roof lasts.

It boasts of excellent resistance to rough weather

Any roof is expected to withstand the elements but a flat roof is better able to handle rough weather than many pitched roofs because it offers less wind resistance. Pitched roofs are great at shedding rain but flat roofs can perform just as well during rainy days as long as adequate drainage is provided. A flat roof will also not dent so it will do just fine when hail storms come. Worried about extreme heat? Depending on the flat roof, a surfacing or aggregate layer can be used to protect the roof from harsh sunlight while reducing the amount of heat the roof absorbs.

It increases a home’s floor area

Having a flat roof will basically give you another story in your property that you can use to expand living space in your home. Depending on what your needs are, you can convert a portion of your flat roof (or its entirety) into a roof deck, patio, garden, or even a home office. If you’re looking to sell, a flat roof can be an attractive feature because it will allow you to offer extra floor area.

There are numerous advantages to a flat roof, but it’s important to remember that you’ll only truly make the most out of getting one if you work with reputable roofing contractor. After all, a flat roof will only be able to perform its best when it is installed right. There are also different flat roofs to choose from so working with a professional will help you pick out the right one for you, ensuring your satisfaction.

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