5 Clever Remodeling Ideas for Your New Home

Whether you recently moved into a new house or you’ve been there for a while and you’d like to do a bit of updating, this is a great article for you to check out. That’s because it’s going to share with you some ideas on ways to remodel your home – ways that go beyond simply painting your walls another color or adding some light fixtures. These are ideas will truly set your house apart from the rest.

Design a book nook. If you have a staircase at home, there’s a pretty good chance that there is an awkward amount of “empty space” that is directly underneath it. If you want to do something creative with that area, something that you might want to consider is designing a book nook. You would literally need to break into the wall that is under the staircase (which means you would probably need a contractor’s assistance). However, once you add a short bookshelf and a built-in couch or sleeping space, it can be a cute place for you to get in some reading time or for your kids to take a nap while you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Install an S-shaped bathroom seat. If you’ve always wanted to have a sauna inside of your master bathroom, something that you might want to consider is designing an S-shaped seat inside of your shower. That way, you can literally lay on the “S” as steam fills up the shower.

Add a mini-fridge to your kitchen island. Are you someone who tends to do a lot of entertaining on the weekends or during the holidays? If so, then you’ve probably run into the challenge of not having enough room for drinks and other small items inside of your refrigerator. If that’s the case, there’s a simple and really cute solution. Just add a mini-fridge to your kitchen island. You can build it into the island so that people will not even notice it – unless you open the fridge’s front door.

Make a treehouse (that’s a guesthouse). If you were to speak with someone who works at the¬†SCM Design Group about another clever¬†home remodeling project that you can do, something that they might mention is building a treehouse in your backyard. Although initially that might not seem unique, the key is to design it in such a way that it also serves as a guesthouse for when you have visitors. You can get all kinds of inspiring ideas by going to your favorite search engine and putting “creative treehouse ideas” in the search field.

Build a bar into your deck. Speaking of having guests, if summertime is your favorite time of the year due to grilling out and hosting parties, why not build a bar into your deck? That way, people can sit on your deck and also have a convenient place to get their drinks and appetizers too. For tips on how to build a bar or do other creative things to your deck, visit BHG and put “ways to upgrade your deck” in the search field.

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