7 Top French Furniture Collections

French furniture has always been a talk. French has nice taste on this. Explore on top collection representing different style and design. Here are examples:


The idea is to duplicate the palace style. It is full of hand curving, and gold finishing. It gives you rich look.

Gold Leaf

It resembles the Versailles style but lighter. Gold color with moderate curve is combined with silk for chairs.French Furniture 7 Top French Furniture Collections

Silver Carved

Instead of gold, silver is chosen to give lighter look, but the main attraction is on the carving.

White Painted

It gives slightly modern but romantic look. It still adapts classic design of French style.

Romantic Floral

This is more modern, and the main attraction is not on the French style but floral fabric combined.

Wooden Country

Natural finishing and classic French style are the main ideas. This collection is elegant but not too ‘high’.


French people love modern lines. Several look strange. The idea is on edgy ultra modern look with solid darker color.

Each of those collections represents different style and preference on furniture but all have their own fans. Each people may find it differently. Now, you can have one of those collections as a style and design for your house.

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