Top Tips For Buying Bedroom Furniture

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or simply trying to revive tired decor, buying bedroom furniture from scratch can be extremely confusing. Your bedroom should be a place of complete relaxation, but how do we balance a peaceful show-room image with storage and the practicalities of everyday life? Simple; purchase key pieces and don’t over clutter. Start by assessing the empty room, measure it all up and treat this as a blank canvas on which you build your haven.bedroom furniture designs Top Tips For Buying Bedroom Furniture

The basis of any bedroom is, as the name suggests the bed. This is after all, the place you come to rest and recuperate. Having a solid, hard wearing bedframe is hugely important, try and buy the largest possible bed for the space you have available, this will ensure you will never outgrow it and it really will last you a lifetime. Companies like BedzRus supply some of the most affordable beds in the UK and offer a huge selection of both frames and mattresses for all ages and price brackets. Check out their fantastic range of wooden beds to make sure your look is timeless. Having wooden furniture, either in its natural state or painted in a neutral shade is far better in the long run as you can accessorise with colour through the means of cushions, paintings and lamps. This way, if you ever fancy a quick spruce up depending on seasonal trends, it’s easy, quick and affordable.retro chairs Top Tips For Buying Bedroom Furniture

Once your bed frame is set in the room, whether that be centred, or against a wall, it’s time for some bedside storage. You can really get creative here as this isn’t traditionally an area for masses of storage, instead, just a few essential bits and pieces available at arms reach. Why not go outside the box and experiment with vintage stacked wooden crates, small step ladders or even a retro style chair. Check out this fabulous guide to DIY side tables from ScrapHacker for some creative, fun ideas and give yourself a weekend project!

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in-closet, wardrobe space is another very important aspect of bedroom furniture. Due to the large size of them you may need to pick and choose carefully depending on the shape of your room. Fitted wardrobes are fantastic if your budget can stretch to them as they give the space a much more streamlined, put-together feel, as well as tonnes of storage space. If, however, you’re renting an apartment or simply can’t squeeze in such a large piece of furniture, freestanding wardrobes may be your best bet. Make sure you check measurements first but these can be picked up from most home retailers, or even better, try second hand for a relaxed, quirky vibe. The website Preloved always stocks thousands of second hand wardrobes readily available at unbeatable prices! Search around for good deals before committing to the first thing you see, use shelves for displaying memorable items and most importantly, make your bedroom somewhere you can relax and be happy.

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