4 Quick Tips to Keep a Room Smell-free

Keeping your room smelling nice is all about being proactive. Yes, you can remove a smell after it has set in. But it’s far easier to keep a room smell-free than it is to try and remove a smell afterwards. How do you keep your room smell-free? Just follow these four quick tips.remove odor in house room 4 Quick Tips to Keep a Room Smell free

Tip #1: Follow Your Nose

Whenever you notice a smell, follow your nose. Try and identify and locate the smell right away. Letting the odorant sit will only let it get worse.

Common sources of smells include:

  • Garbage bags and garbage cans. Make sure to clean the garbage can itself every once in a while, even if you change the garbage bags regularly.
  • The garbage disposal in the kitchen. If it’s emitting a smell, run clear water and turn on the disposal.
  • Pet litter boxes. Make sure to clean them out regularly. Having a scent dispenser nearby can also be a big help.
  • Dropped food. Even little crumbs here and there can result in a noticeable odor. Every once in a while, do a big clean of your entire home. Pay especially close attention to the kitchen and the dining area.
  • Beds. Beds can harbor dust mites, dust, dead skin and all kinds of other odor causing agents. Make sure the sheets and pillow cases are cleaned regularly. Make sure to clean the headboard and underneath the mattress every once in a while. Mattresses should be changed every 5 to 7 years.
  • Look for mold. Mold is especially prevalent in humid areas, like the kitchen or the bathroom.

Follow your nose and locate the origin of new smells quickly. Almost all odorants are easy to deal with if spotted early, but can quickly become a nightmare if left to fester.

Tip #2: Learn to React to Spills Quickly

One of the biggest sources of smells is spills that are left to soak into carpets. Over time the smells build up and become very noticeable and extremely difficult to remove. The best way to prevent this is to react to all spills immediately.

Whenever anything is spilled on the carpet, soak it up immediately. Use a towel, paper towel, or whatever you have on hand. Use a patting motion rather than a pressing motion. Once you’ve gotten the first layer of it out, get some dry newspaper and press it on the area. The dryness of the newspaper will pull out the moisture.

Then, sprinkle on some baking soda onto the spill’s area. Pour a little bit of white vinegar over the baking soda. The vinegar and the baking soda will react, causing a carbon dioxide reaction. The reaction will bubble up, which causes the food stain to be pushed up as well. Use a towel to wipe up the resulting foam. Repeat if necessary.

Going through this process right away will help you get the stain out before it can cause any odors.

Tip #3: Train Your Cats and Dogs

Another big source of odors is urine. Urine is notoriously difficult to get out, and the smell is easily detectable. While urine removers can get the smell out, it’s more effective to train your cats and dog to use the litter (or to go outside.)

Do this by learning your pet’s routine, and taking them either outside or to one specific spot whenever they need to urinate. Learn the signs for when your pet needs to go to the bathroom. For example, your dog might start walking in circles, or might put his nose to the ground. When that happens, take them to the spot where you want them to pee. It should always be the same spot, and you should always take the same route.

To make the process easier, consider purchasing potty training pads. These pads have special chemicals that make it more appealing for pets to urinate on them. Once your pet has urinated there, they’re naturally more likely to urinate there again in the future.

Potty training your pet can take a few weeks. But it’ll pay off for you throughout the lifetime of your pet.

Tip #4: Get a Continuous Air Freshener

Some air fresheners are single-spray, while others are continuous. The continuous type of air freshener will constantly dispense both an odor remover and a light fresh scent. Generally they’re plugged into a wall socket, though there are a few battery powered types as well. These fresheners can make a world of difference in keeping a room smelling nice.

With these four tips, you should be able to keep your room smelling great, no matter what happens. Just remember to follow your nose, react to spills quickly, keep pet urine out and use a continuous air freshener.

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