5 Speedy and Effective House Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Often cleaning your home can be discouraging, inconvenient, and time consuming. However, keeping your home clean is essential to you daily life and it is also important since it maintains your home’s overall quality and integrity. Instead of stressing about cleaning your home, take action and develop a pan of attack. Here are 5 speedy and effective house cleaning tips from the pros.

  1. First, be sure to keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place. This makes accessing the cleaning products and tools you need quicker and easier, so you don’t have to rummage around. Find a designated area in a closet or cabinet where all of these items can be stored. You can take this a step further and create a cleaning supply carrying tote. This will enable you to have all your supplies handy so that you can take them into any room of the house as needed without taking multiple trips back and forth!
  2. Toss the broom. Brooms are really not very effective and end up costing you lots of time and energy. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner on all hard surfaces. Make sure that your vacuum has a specific setting just for hard floors so that you can switch between vacuuming carpets and hardwoods or linoleum. To make vacuuming even easier, be sure to invest in a 50 foot extension cord. Once you plug in the vacuum the extension cord will make it possible for your to access all rooms on that floor without having to constantly unplug and replug in the cord when you move around the home. Another option is to use wet or dry Swiffer cleaners to clean up extra dust, dirt and grime around your home.
  3. Don’t go overboard. Keep it simple. When cleaning weekly, you don’t need to focus on every small thing in your home. Dust and clean small items and trinkets once a month, but don’t feel like you have to constantly keep cleaning them since this can take forever and get very played out! Instead, focus on the big picture to keep your home clean on a regular basis, and then take a day once a month to get not the little nooks and crannies and focus on tiny details.
  4. Clean each room systematically. Without a plan and a routine, you could end up backtracking through your room constantly, wasting time and energy and reducing your cleaning efficiency significantly. Professionals suggest starting to the left of the door and systematically cleaning your way around the room in a clockwise manner. Eventually cleaning each room will be so simple you’ll move on autopilot and be done before you know it!
  5. Finally, reducing shower cleaning time by keeping up with it each time your shower is used. Encourage all members of your family to squeegee down the shower walls and glass after they shower. This helps to reduce moisture buildup that can lead to hard to remove mold, mildew and soap scum. This is a proactive way to stay on top of cleaning and reduce how much work you need to put into your cleaning routine.

Professionals at Prestige Maids and various other cleaning services swear by these quick and easy cleaning tips. Keep cleaning supplies in one place, ditch your broom in exchange for an all-surface vacuum, clean with the big picture in mind, clean rooms systematically, and squeegee the shower daily to help keep your cleaning routine under control.

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