5 Weekend Long Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Now

When you have a weekend free, it is an opportune time to complete some important projects around the house that you haven’t been able to get around to just yet. Take advantage of this time to maintain your home and keep it in top condition and quality. You don’t need to be a pro home improvement specialist to do many projects around the house. Here are 5 weekend long home improvement projects that you can tackle now!

  1. First, be sure to clean your air ducts and vents. All year round you will either have your heat or air conditioning running, so you want to make sure they are energy efficient, clean, and functioning properly. Be sure to clear the vents and change out your filters. Also, take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the vents of your home if you use a vent operated system.
  2. Clear your gutters. During the year, gutters can become filled with debris and junk, causing blockages and obstructions. If these are not taken care of, your home and foundation could experience water damage. Avoid overflowing gutters by taking the time to get up on the roof and remove debris like sticks, leaves, branches, dirt and more. Also, repair any cracks or damage you notice to the gutters while you are up there to keep them in ideal condition.
  3. Seal up and insulate your windows. A large project would involve installing new, energy efficient windows. However, if you don’t have the time and money for this kind of investment you do have another option. You may choose to cover windows with plastic, apply additional caulk around the edges of the window frame, or use a rubbery caulking rope. No matter what you choose to do, ensuring your windows are well insulated can help improve your home’s energy efficiency and even reduce your monthly energy bills significantly.
  4. If you have a garden, be sure to care for it and prepare it for any climate changes. If the weather is about to get cooler, take the time to mulch and compost your garden beds. Adding an extra layer to these beds helps to protect plants and give them additional insulation and warmth so they are healthier in the spring.
  5. Drill holes in your trash cans. If you leave these bins outside all year, you should try drilling holes in the bottom. These holes act as drainage, helping to reduce the collection of water at the bottom of the can. This helps to prevent the cans from getting really heavy after a hard rain or substantial snow so you can carry them and so they last longer!

Take advantage of a free weekend to catch up on some much needed home maintenance and home improvement projects. Drill holes in your trash cans,mulch and compost your garden, seal up your windows and be sure to insulate them properly, clear out your gutters, and clean your home’s air ducts and filters for an efficient, well maintained, under control home you can be proud of all year long!

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