5 Benefits of Reupholstering Your Old Furniture

When redecorating the spaces in your home, you may be tempted to buy all new furniture. While it can be nice to start fresh, it can also be extremely pricey. Instead of throwing away your old pieces and replacing them altogether, you may consider reupholstering the furniture that you already have to give it new life and purpose. Here are 5 benefits of reupholstering your old furniture.

  1. You can save money. Buying brand new furniture from a store is extremely expensive. Most of your decorating budget will go to these new pieces, leaving little of your budget left for other things like paint, flooring and decor. Instead, reupholstering your furniture is extremely affordable. You only need to pay for the fabric and a few other tools like stain or sandpaper. If you are hiring someone else to do the job, labor fees may also be included. All in all, these expenses are only a fraction of what you would pay to buy something brand new.
  2. You can keep a piece that is meaningful to you or your family such as an heirloom. Often furniture pieces are handed down form generation to generation. These often possess a great deal of sentimental value, but they are likely worn or outdated. Instead of hiding them away in storage, give them new life and update them, while still keeping the original character or the piece which make it so special.
  3. You are recycling and helping the planet. When you buy new furniture, that piece was likely made in a factory and required new materials. When you choose to reupholster, you are recycling the materials, reducing waste, and reducing energy needed to build a new piece of furniture. You can rest easy know that your simple action has had a positive impact on the environment and reduced your carbon footprint significantly.
  4. Your piece will be one of a kind and extremely unique. When you upholster a piece, it is a one of a kind item. No one else will have a piece with the same fabric, colors or flare. You will be sure to get compliments and people will want to know where you bought it, however you won’t be able to answer because it i your and only yours– there is no other quite like it!
  5. You can choose any fabric or style you want for a truly custom look. Instead of having to choose from only a limited selection of colors, styles and patterns at a furniture store, reupholstering will allow you to completely customize your piece of furniture to your liking. You will never have to settle. If you love a certain fabric, it can be yours!

For all of these reasons and more, furniture reupholstery at a furniture upholstery shop such as Atlanta custom interiors, is the best way to go instead of buying new. You can give new life and purpose to a piece that would otherwise be hidden away in an attic. You can preserve heirloom pieces that are meaningful while still using them in a modern, updated manner. Finally, you can reduce waste and recycle for a positive impact on the environment.

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