5 Benefits of Purchasing a Home Electricity Monitor

As citizens of an increasingly global community, it’s only natural that we would be concerned with the state of our planet and how our actions affect it. After all, polluting to the point of global warming is not something that affects only the people who burn fossil fuels for heat, transportation, and energy – it affects all life on the planet. And if you are worried about the future of our species and the planet we call home, you probably want to do whatever you can to cut your carbon footprint and reduce your participation in harming the environment. You might do this by recycling, driving an electric or hybrid car, and purchasing organic products, just for example. But a good first step might be to take a look at your energy consumption so that you can find ways to conserve on the home front. And installing a home electricity monitor can definitely help in this regard. Here are a few benefits you’ll gain by using one in your home.

  1. Get a baseline. The average homeowner doesn’t realize just how much energy is used on a daily basis. But between turning on lights, watching TV, checking your email, charging devices, keeping food cold, washing clothes, and performing a million everyday electronic tasks, you’re probably using a lot more energy than you assume. When you first install a system to monitor electricity usage, you’ll get a baseline for your use that can give you an idea of where to get started when it comes to cutting consumption.
  2. Address waste. You might have to do a little guess and check to figure out how energy is being used in your home, but it shouldn’t take you long to see where waste is occurring. And this is a good place to start if you’re looking to reduce energy usage.
  3. Save money. Okay, let’s be clear about one thing: an electricity monitor does not save you money in and of itself. However, when you see where energy is being used and wasted, you can begin to make changes around the house that help to conserve energy. Whether you’re unplugging electronics when not in use, making kids turn off the lights when they leave a room, or finally getting around to setting a schedule for your programmable thermostat, you’ll instantly see usage decline. And this, in turn, can show a significant reduction in utility bills.
  4. Ease of use. Some energy monitors work with a smart home system to send information directly to your computer over a wireless network so that all you have to do to keep track of your energy usage is check in with the appropriate program. In some cases you can even monitor activity and make adjustments via mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet. If you left the lights on or forgot to adjust the thermostat before you left for work, for example, you could rectify the situation with a few swipes or taps to your touchscreen and get on with your day, knowing that you’re conserving energy and saving money in the process.
  5. Create an energy efficient home. Many homeowners would like to do their part for the environment and lower their electric bills by making their home more energy efficient all around. This could include items like switching to CFL or LED lighting options, deciding to repair or replace your furnace, and even adding to your insulation. But with an energy monitor in place, you can begin to see how electricity is being used in your home, giving you the data you need to start making changes for the better.

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