5 DIY Summer Pest Prevention Tips

As the temperatures begin to warm up, we all look forward to days at the beach, out in the yard, or by the pool. What we don’t look forward to is dealing with bugs and insects! No one likes having bugs around and it can ruin the outdoor experience significantly. Luckily, there are severely things you can to do keep pesky bugs away from your house. Here are 5 DIY summer pest prevention tips.

  1. First, remove any water in your yard. In the summer, you may experience humid temperatures and rain storms. This will often leave puddles in your yard and many other watery areas. Be sure to keep buckets, watering cans and anything else that may collect rain water stored away. If they are left out, it is important to empty them of water as soon as possible and check the rest of your yard for areas where they may be still water. Still water is an ideal area for bugs such as mosquitos to lay their eggs, leading to more pests in your yard area! By removing these still water areas you protect your yard and prevent pests proactively.
  2. Pests are also attracted to yard with lots of debris. To eliminate them, be sure to keep your yard neat and tidy. Be sure to rake up leaves, sticks and other materials. Don’t just leave them in a pile since that is bug heaven! Instead, always bag them up and dispose of them appropriately.
  3. Use citronella candles in your yard. If you are enjoying time outside, you can deter pests and protect yourself and guests by using these candles around your area. You can buy regular candles or you can add some style by purchasing tiki torches with citronella oil. The citronella oils are emitted when the wick burns, setting a nice atmosphere while keeping bugs at bay!
  4. Have an ant problem? Drink coffee? If so, save your coffee grounds! Coffee grounds are a natural repellent for getting rid of ants that you can use cheaply and effectively. Spreading the grounds around your windows and doors will send ants running away in the opposite direction, preventing them from coming back as well!
  5. If fleas are your problem due to your pets spending more time outside, you can easily handle the situation on your own with a simple DIY remedy. Sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and salt onto he carpets of your home and let this mixture sit over night. In the morning, vacuum the carpets where you applied the baking soda and salt. You can also spray your pets with lemon juice to remove fleas form their fur!

All of these tips are simple but effective ways to deter or get rid of pests in the summer months on your own! These remedies are chemical free but work really well to keep your home and yard as pest free as possible. If you need more help ridding your home or living area of pests, consider the assurances of WATTS pest prevention for more extremely pest problems.

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