5 Unique Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Home

Too often, homes have the same, old, boring white ceilings. Many homeowners don’t even think of the ceiling as being a part of their home to decorate or experiment with. Designing your ceiling however can really transform a space and complete the look you are striving for. Here are 5 unique, fun ceiling design ideas that you can incorporate into your home for an added element of strong interior design and high style decor.

  1. Warm up any living space in your home by putting wooden planks on your ceiling. You can choose from a variety of different woods such as cherry, oak, bamboo, walnut and more. You can also choose to stain the wood with a shine or keep a matte finish. You may even want to leave the wood exposed for a more rustic feel. The options are endless.
  2. Tin is a great way to add a fun, unique element to any room. You can often buy tin tiles for a really vintage as well as sophisticated look that would be perfect in a kitchen, bathroom or any other space! You can buy these tin materials locally or from a site likeĀ TinCeilingXpress.com.
  3. Who says tiles are only meant for the kitchen floor? Using terracotta or tile on your ceiling and be a creative way to decorate your ceiling. You can even choose different colored tiles for variety or make a design using the squares! Some tiles even come in different shapes or have designs or paintings on the individual tiles.
  4. For a soft feel in your space, add fabric to your ceiling. This can add lots of texture and dimension to a space that other materials cannot achieve! You can choose solid fabric, one with a texture that is fuzzy, matte, shiny, or rough. Some may have designs, images, or patterns depending on your preference and what works best in your living space!
  5. Why stop the wall paper at the edge of your wall? Continue the same wallpaper all the way across and onto your ceiling for a cohesive look that is trendy and very design forward. You can also break it up by using one wallpaper on your walls and a different paper that contrasts but also compliments the 1st paper, on the ceiling. Finally, if you don’t want your walls papered, you can paint them a solid color and save a pattern for the ceiling! The options are endless.

All of these ceiling design ideas are unique and easy to incorporate into any living space or room of your home. instead of keeping the plain, white, dull ceilings that you’ve known and kept for years, it is time that you step outside the box and do something different and innovative that will truly transform your house and enhance your home’s style. Consider using materials like wallpaper, tin, wood planks, tiles and more for a design forward home that will be sure to impress and that you will love for many years to come.

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