5 Easy and Effective Ways to Winter-Proof Your Garage

When the winter season rolls around and you think about the things that you can do in your house that will prepare it for the ice, snow and freezing cold temperatures that are on the way, what comes to your mind? Checking the insulation in your attic? Sealing up your windows? Or maybe purchasing a tankless water heater so that you can spend less on your water bills during that season?

Well, after you check all of those things off of your to-do list, have you ever considered winter-proofing your garage as well? Being that you tend to store so much inside of it like your cars and equipment and since you probably use it to walk into your home on a daily basis, it makes since that it would be one more thing to get ready for wintertime.
If you would like some easy and effective ways to winterize your garage this year, we have enclosed five of them for you to check out below:

Seal up your windows. One of the main causes of drafts is holes and cracks in our windows. So, when it comes to the ones in your garage, if you happen to notice some along your windowsills or if there is condensation on the interior side of them, that’s a clear sign that you probably need to seal them up. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to do. All you need to do is pick up some caulking from a local home improvement store and place it along the holes or cracks. It should provide an immediate solution.

Replace your door. If you’ve had the same garage door ever since you’ve lived at your house and that has been several years, it’s probably time to get a new one. If it’s not within your budget to spend a few hundred dollars on whole new door, there are kits that can help you to insulate the one that you already have. Ace Hardware and Improvements Catalog are two websites that offer them for around $60.

Insulate the space. Most garages also have a door that connects it to the inside of our house. Being that garages are significantly cooler than the inside of our home, it’s a good idea to insulate it. All you need to do is place a towel along the bottom of the interior side of the door. That way, the cold air can remain just where it should: outside.

Paint the floor. If there’s one floor that most of us don’t usually give much thought about, it would have to be the garage floor. However, there are actually a lot of reasons why painting it can prove to be really beneficial. Not only can it make your garage floor virtually spill-proof but it enhances light, prevents dust (which helps when it comes to improving indoor air quality) and also helps to eliminate the dampness on your floor. And the less damp your garage floor is, the warmer you will feel.

Put a heater inside of it. If you plan on doing some work in your garage this winter, there’s one more thing that we recommend you do: purchase a heater to put inside of it. Just make sure that it’s one that is specifically designed for garages. For more information on garage heaters, visit the websites Lowe’s, Global Industrial or Best Buy.

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