5 Hot Interior Home Lighting Trends for 2014

You might not necessarily put a lot of thought into the fixtures that provide illumination for your home interior. Some people simply pick up the cheapest globes, pendants, and table lamps they can find, whether they get them at garage sales or hunt through the bargain bins at discount home goods stores. Others let their interior decorators do the design work for them. But if you are the type of homeowner that wants to put your own stamp on every aspect of your personal space, and you also happen to be a fashion chameleon intent on updating your look regularly, then you may frequently find yourself scouting for new ways to refresh your decor. And paying attention to trends in home lighting could be a lot easier and less expensive than replacing the furniture or putting up new wallpaper. So here are just a few of the hottest trends in home lighting for the coming year.

  1. Open concept lighting. Most people think of lighting fixtures as decorative pieces meant to add to the overall aesthetic of a room or blend in seamlessly with existing pieces. But you don’t have to limit yourself to this narrow scope of vision. More and more, lighting fixtures are becoming focal points and conversation pieces in a room, and one of the biggest trends for 2014 along these lines is open concept lighting. Fixtures that feature an open framework, a peekaboo pattern, or numerous layers that allow the light to peek through are all the rage, and there are so many options to consider that you’re sure to find a piece you love that adds some visual interest while illuminating your space.
  2. Naked bulbs. This is actually a trend that gained popularity last year with antique and old-fashioned looking light bulbs hitting the market, practically begging to be showcased without the aid of a lamp shade. And if you happen to like this nostalgic look, you can take this trend up a notch in 2014 by choosing bulbs that feature gray or gold tinted glass rather than clear.
  3. Pendant pandemonium. These days, it’s not enough to hang a single chandelier in a stairwell or one pendant over a dining room table. You need an assortment of lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling in a cluster. The latest trend is to choose an eclectic mix of shades that have something in common (color, material, etc.) and then hang them at different heights. If you use shades that are too matchy-matchy, you’ll ruin the organic aesthetic.
  4. Colored lighting. Whether you buy into the concept that different colors of light can affect you on a physical level or not, you might want to add some wow factor to your lighting scheme with bulbs that are designed to produce a rainbow of colors. In some cases you can control them with a dial, but you might also want to consider fixtures and bulbs that link to wireless apps so that you can change the colors in your home with a tap to your smartphone.
  5. Unusual materials. This year looks to offer some interesting choices when it comes to the materials used for lamp shades. Standards like glass and plastic are being supplanted by weirdo designs that feature stiff, wood panels or laminate materials twisted into wave-like configurations. So head to sites like www.interior-deluxe.com/ to see what’s on the horizon in lighting. You’ll certainly find some up-and-coming trends that could give you the keys to making your home the modern and inviting space you want it to be.

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