How not to Freeze When the Heat Goes Out in Your Home

When it’s below freezing outside, the last thing that you want to happen is your HVAC unit to breakdown. But sometimes life happens and with it comes some inconveniences, even in the winter time. Plus, being that sometimes service technicians are booked days in advance, you may not be able to get someone to immediately come over and repair your unit for you.

So, in case something like this does happen at your house, we wanted to provide you with a few helpful tips on things that you can do that will keep you and your family from freezing when the heat goes out in your home below:

Seal up your windows and doors. You might be surprised by how much extra cool air is in your house simply because your windows or doors have a draft in them. One way that you can check for sure is to turn on the lights in a particular room and look to see if you notice any light shining along the windows or doors. If you do, apply some caulking to them. Also for your windows, you can purchase some thermal curtains that will help to keep the cool air out. And for your doors, place a towel along the bottom of the door. That’s a cheap and effective way to block out the cold.

Use some battery-operated space heaters. If only your HVAC unit is out, then you can use the kind of space heaters that you can plug in. But in case you are going through a power outage, there are battery-operated space heaters that you can purchase that work just as well. Your local Home Depot has some on sale for under $50. Plus, even once your energy is restored, you still may want to use them being that they are far more energy efficient than the ones that you have to plug in.

Put on some socks. Being that we have some very sensitive nerve endings in our feet, it’s important to put on some socks. That should immediately remove a lot of the chill that your body feels. Just make sure that they don’t get wet (so you might want to also put on some shoes on slippers).

“Dress up” your bed. Something that you can do to feel warm and toasty in your bed is to purchase some flannel sheets. You can usually find them for a pretty good price at your local Target or Wal-Mart. Then if you add a couple of blankets, you should feel comfortable throughout the night when it’s time for bed.

Eat foods that will keep you warm. Whether your heat just went out a few minutes ago or a technician is currently¬†replacing split systems in your HVAC unit, did you know that there are foods that you can eat to help to keep you warm? Studies show that foods with spicy seasonings can elevate your body temperature. So, add a bit of spice to your meals and don’t forget to drink a warm cup of coffee or tea too. That will have your body feeling warm, even if your house is cool, until the heat is fully restored in the rooms of your home.

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