5 Fall Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

No matter what season it is, your home is going to require some specific kind of maintenance so that it’s prepared for whatever kind of weather that is on the way. And when the temperature is getting cooler, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange and you have to put on a sweater before leaving the house, of course these are all signs that fall is on its way.

If you’re interested in knowing about some of the best ways to care for your home during the autumn months, we have enclosed five of them below:

Prep your windows. If you happen to have double-pane windows, they should provide you with all of the protection that you need during the wintertime. But if you don’t, it’s important that you use the fall season in order to prep them. If you see small holes or cracks, add a bit of caulking. It’s also a good idea to purchase some thermal curtains too. They are an effective way to block out the cool brisk air.

Get some energy efficient items. Something that you’re going to be using quite a bit is hot water. So, if you don’t want to see a significant increase in your water bills, it’s important that you purchase a few energy efficient items like a low-flow showerhead and a tankless water heater. If you do a bit of price comparison shopping first, you should be able to get both for between $350-500.

Winterize your pipes. As the temperatures start to drop, one thing that you want to avoid experiencing is your pipes freezing. Not only could that prevent you from getting the water that you need but if a frozen pipe is not quickly tended to, it could also burst. That’s why it’s important to winterize your pipes. You can do so by putting either some foam and fiberglass insulation on them (especially the pipes that are in your basement). You should be able to find this kind of insulation at your local home improvement store.

Inspect your fireplace. If you are fortunate enough to have your own fireplace, it’s important that you get it ready for the cold weather that is on its way as well. You can start by looking at the exterior of your chimney for signs of corrosion. As it relates to the interior of your home, around the chimney area, look for leaks or stains on the ceiling (that could be a sign of broken flashing or a broken flue line). Clean any build-up that you might see in your flue too. And finally, don’t forget to purchase a chimney cap; that will help to keep rain, snow and also wildlife from getting into your chimney.

Service your HVAC unit. When it comes to theĀ independent systems that you have in your home like your HVAC unit, it’s important to get those serviced twice a year: preferably in the spring and in the fall. That will help to keep your unit working at an optimal level which isn’t only good for your comfort level, temperature wise, but it can also save you money on your energy bills too. And that’s simply awesome.

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