How to Clean Your Home Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning your home often involves commercial cleaners that are filled with toxins and chemicals. While these may be tough enough to kill dirt and debris, they are also harmful to the environment and your body! Instead of using these harsh products, consider your other options. Here are some tips about how to clean your home without using harsh chemicals.

You can actually create your own home cleanser using natural, safe ingredients. Plus, buying these ingredients instead of purchasing regular cleaners can save you money so that you can get the same, deep clean for a fraction of the cost. You can clean using household items such as baking soda, which is ideal for removing stains or discoloration. It can also remove mold and mildew near your shower or shower curtains for fantastic, noticeable results. Another great solution to use is vinegar. Vinegar can reduce bad odors around your house, help clear a clogged drain and even remove lime scale from a shower. You can also mix water and vinegar for a simple glass cleaning solution!

If you need to clean wood around the house, you can also do so with household goods. Regular wood cleaners are often filled with dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. Instead, use some vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil. Mix these together in a cup and apply a small amount of the solution to a cloth. Rub the mixture into the wood gently to remove stains and enhance shine. Then, wipe it away with a dry cloth for a polishing effect!

Polish brass in your home without chemical metal polishes. Instead use a teaspoon of salt and vinegar. Add a bit of flour and stir this until you are able to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to the brass and rub it in. Then, use a dry cloth to remove and expose clean, gleaming brass fixtures

If you would still rather just pick up a product while you are out at the store, there are products on the market that are safe and chemical free. Look for solutions that are organic, made of biodegradable materials, and all natural. These cleaners are safe for the environment and will not damage your health when used inside.

While many of us are used to using products like Windex and Lysol, it is better for your home and your health that you cut these products out of your shopping list. The chemicals used to clean your home that are found in these products can lead to serious issues such as respiratory illnesses, rashes and irritation and more. Protect yourself and your family as well as the environment by either purchasing or making safe, chemical free, cleaning solutions to use with your U.S. wiping cloth. Many cleaning ingredients can be found in your kitchen cabinet and their results are just as good, if not better than those of commercial brands. You can also buy safe products at local organic stores that are natural and free of harmful chemicals. No matter what you choose, making a change will make a huge difference on your carbon footprint, health and even the cleanliness of your home!

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