Top 5 Tips for First-Time Real Estate Buyers

A huge sign of accomplishment is when you are able to purchase a home. It means that you own a piece of your own property. It means that you will qualify for certain tax deductions. It also means that you have something in your possession that has a huge chance of appreciating over time. Yes, being a homeowner is absolutely awesome.

That’s why, if this is your first time purchasing some real estate, we wanted to offer you some tips that will make the process as easy and beneficial as possible. Check these out below:

Set a budget and stay within it. It’s one thing to take a drive in the neighborhood where seven-figure homes are one afternoon. It’s another thing entirely to make five figures and attempt to make an offer on one of them. So before doing anything else, think about what you can afford to pay for a house. According to many real estate experts, your housing costs should be no more than 28 percent of your income.

Speak with a reputable real estate agent. Every industry has experts and when it comes to the housing market, those would be real estate agents. So if there’s anyone who can give you good advice about the area of town that’s a smart investment and can tell you about the kinds of questions that you should ask during an open house, it would be them. We definitely recommend you speaking with a couple of real estate agents during the house-hunting process.

See what you qualify for when it comes to a house loan. Although there are plenty of websites that can show you what you pre-qualify for when it comes to a house loan, it’s not a good idea to assume that you will get that much from a lender. Although online sources can give you a general idea, in order to know exactly what you qualify for, we still recommend that you spend with a couple of lenders directly. That way you can confidently make a realistic offer on the home that you’re interested in.

Hire your own housing inspector. Whether you’re looking into some Nashville TN, Seattle Washington orĀ West Jefferson NC real estate , do not purchase a home in any of those areas without hiring a housing inspector to look over it first. They will know how to check for plumbing or electrical issues, to see if the fresh paint is a sign of hidden water damage issues and if the house needs a new roof or flooring. That way, either you can look for a new house altogether or negotiate a lower price.

Be patient with the process. It’s pretty rare that the first house you see, you will make an offer and then close on in just a few months. In fact, finding the perfect house that you can afford can sometimes take many months. But don’t be impatient with the process. A home is something that is a really important purchase, so look for one that you know that you will love and also that you can afford. That is the key to being a great first-time real estate buyer.

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