5 Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, fire safety is critical. With just the spark of a faulty wire or an errant candle, you could literally lose everything. Not only can a fire ravage your property and destroy priceless memories, but it can also cause significant and loss of life. No insurance policy can really cover the loss of a loved one. Moreover, a policy will cover the cost of your home and some belongings, but never photographs and precious family memories. This is the reason why it is important to take every measure you can to avoid fires from happening in the first place. Here are five fire safety tips for homeowners.

  1. Don’t put portable heaters too close to clothing, paper or drapes. When it comes to keeping your home warm this winter, you want to do so safely. Portable heaters can become a tremendous fire hazard if they are close to anything that is easily flammable. Curtains can be especially damaging, because the fire usually travels upwards and can spread throughout the home very quickly. So, when you are trying to find the best place for your portable heater, be sure to keep it in the middle of the room – in an isolated area.
  2. Have an escape route. Preventing fires is incredibly important, but so is having a plan if there is a fire. You want to be able to escape safely. If you have young children, you want to have a plan for your family to escape safely. For instance, you want to sit down with your family and devise an evacuation plan: what door you will exit from? – What window you will escape from and where you will meet outside? Poor planning can lead to devastation in the instance of a serious fire.
  3. Don’t try to bring anything with you if you have to escape a fire. Many people get in trouble when they try to gather their belongings during a fire. Fires can often spread quickly and they have a habit trapping people. So, if you smell smoke, safely escape with your family and your pet – if you have one – and leave the home. It is when you try to save things like photographs and other items with sentimental value that you can become severely injured. Even the smoke inhalation can be damaging.
  4. Have an excellent security system. Security systems can keep out burglars, but they can also protect your home in the instance of a fire. For instance, Modern Systems Inc. offers fire alarm and burglar detection security. If there is a fire, the security company will send emergency responders. Sometimes it takes a while to think about calling emergency services, so by having a security company by your side, you can better protect your family and maybe even save your home.
  5. Always be aware of fire hazards. Simply being aware is a great way to prevent fires. For instance, when people are cooking in the home, you want to make sure nothing is too close to the flames. When you leave your home, you want to make sure all the lights are turned off and candles are blown out. At the end of the day, being vigilant will be your greatest savior from a devastating home fire.

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