5 Ways to Start Taking Advantage of Smart Home Technology

Technology in the form of phones, tablets, and laptops has transformed the way we live our daily lives on the go. Technology is taking that a step further and integrating tech devices into “smart” homes, helping to make every day chores and tasks simpler, safer, and more efficient. Here are 5 ways to start taking advantage of smart home technology in your home.

  1. Make cooking a breeze by installing a tablet into your kitchen decor. Many smart homes not integrate a laptop into the design in order to have control over different areas of the house. You thought the kitchen was the command center before, and now it definitely will help you to run the house! This can allow you to view other rooms in order to watch the kids play while you are preparing dinner. You can also use these tablets to look up recipes, watch cooking shows, or play some music while you work!
  2. You can also make cooking safer. New technology has helped manufacturers to produce induction cooktops. These cooktops produce heat only when metal comes in contact with the cooktop surface. This means you have a safer workspace where you and your guests cannot be burned by any careless movements or hand placement. This is especially helpful for a home with lots of children who may accidentally touch a stove while running around.
  3. Integrate smart technology into your bathroom for an experience that is soothing as well as practical. Smart bathrooms allow you to directly monitor your water temperature, pressure, and steam. You can even set playlists to enjoy while you are soaking in the tub. While smart bathrooms can be luxurious, they are also very energy efficient. You can use smart technology to help ensure that you are not wasting water. Some smart equipment such as the H20kinetic shower head allow you to shower with less water by allowing water to flow in a way that makes you feel like more water is actually being used. You can also install motion-censored faucets to ensure water is only used when someone is directly using it. These small changes can make a huge difference, allowing you to save lots of money each month on your energy bills and reduce your negative impact on the environment.
  4. Heating and cooling expenses are often the largest bills homeowners pay each month. To help reduce energy costs and waste, consider installing a smart thermostat in your home in addition to taking time to¬†insulate for winter efficiency. These thermostats will help to keep your home temperature even and comfortable. Over time, it will begin to adjust based on you and your family’s habits and routines so that it will shut off or lower when you are away, and turn on what you are coming home to that you can use less but still enjoy a warm or cool home.
  5. For those who enjoy entertaining guests, smart technology can be integrated into your living spaces. You can set up voice command music and television systems so that you no longer need a remote and can direct your technology from anywhere in the room.

Clearly, technology can be integrated into any room of your home. While these gadgets are fun, they are also very practical and can help to make your home a safer and more efficient place.

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