5 Home Maintenance Tips in Frigid Weather Conditions

Every time springtime arrives, we usually find ourselves saying that we will do all that we can to decrease the amount of money that we paid in energy costs the previous winter. And yet, another winter is now upon us and we didn’t do nearly as much preparing as we would have liked.

The good news is that it’s still not too late to do a bit of winterizing. If you would like some quick, inexpensive and relatively easy ways to maintain your home during frigid weather conditions, we have enclosed five great ones for you below:

Cover up your windows. Ideally, you already have some double-pane windows installed in your house. But just in case you don’t, there are still things that you can do to protect your home from the bitter winds and cold. First, look to see if you have any cracks or small holes around your windowsills. If you do, it’s important to apply some caulking to them as soon as possible. Secondly, purchase some thermal curtains. They are made specifically to keep cold air out and warm air in. Thirdly, if you would like an extra layer of “warmth security”, tape some bubble wrap to your windows. It’s a cheap way to block cold air from coming in as well.

Add some foil. Now here’s a tip that just might surprise you. Did you know that if you put some tin foil behind your radiator that you can actually stop its heat from disappearing? The reason why is because the foil will actually reflect the heat from the radiator which will help to make that particular room a lot warmer. If you add a ceiling fan to that same space and turn it counterclockwise, you’ll be sure to stay nice and toasty all winter long.

Put down some rugs. If your floors already have carpet on them, then that’s one layer of insulation that you automatically have between your feet and the bare cold floors. If you have hardwood or tile flooring however, there’s an attractive way to deal with the cold weather. Just put down some area rugs. They’re beautiful plus, you can easily remove them once the temperature warms up.

Get your HVAC unit serviced. Sometimes we find ourselves spending more on our energy costs than we planned simply because our HVAC unit is not working at its optimal level. The only way that you can know if yours is for sure is by having a professional technician come over to inspect it. Their heat and air conditioning service checklist will show you what your unit needs and if it’s working as well as it should.

Change your bedding. There’s a pretty simple thing that you can do that will help to make you feel warm at the coldest time of the winter season: nighttime. All you have to do is change your bedding. Just by putting down some flannel sheets, a couple blankets and a comforter, you might be surprised by how warm you feel without needing to turn up your thermostat. It’s a comfy and economical way to enjoy this winter season from the warmth of your house. And more specifically, your bedroom. And more specifically, your bedroom.

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