Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Owning a home is serious business. Once you own your home, you will realize how important it is to get handy with a set of power and non-power tools. When it comes down to it, there will be countless weeks of patching up walls, fixing windows, replacing this and that – after a while it may feel like a full time job. This is why it is critical for every homeowner to have a set of tools. As a home owner, you will also start to realize how much more cost effective it is to make repairs on your own – instead of hiring an expensive contractor. Here are some must-have tools for homeowners.

First and foremost, a good hammer will be your go-to whenever you have a home improvement job. No matter if you are hanging a photograph or trying to remove something from the wall, a hammer will be an incredibly important tool. In some cases, you may want to get a few different hammers – for a few different jobs. You will probably want a regular hammer and a ball-peen hammer for those more advanced jobs, like fixing the HVAC unit or some other appliance that you have in the home.

Also, a pair of pliers is another critical tool. Pliers can be used for a number of applications, like screwing in rivets and removing complicated nuts and bolts. Oftentimes, a good pair of pliers can be used to unplug nearly welded bolts on appliances and other items you may have in the home. Not only that, but if you want to put together furniture or any other home object, there is a good chance that you need a pair of pliers around to help you do the job. Not only that, but you may find yourself needing to fix the water heater once and a while, which will take a pair of pliers to do the job correctly.

Next, a good tape measure is another critical tool to have around. There is a good chance that, as a home owner, you will be using a tape measure three to four times a week. A tape measure is important if you want to replace items in your home and need to know the measurement first. It can also be important if you are adding furniture to a home and need to know how long of a couch you need. Not only that, but if you are renovating your home, you will need a tape measure to measure walls and other dimensions of your home.

Lastly, every homeowner needs a good drill. A drill – with multiple drill-bits – can be used for a literal plethora of applications in the home. How many times have you wished you had a way to easily install shelves and other items. What about photographs and picture frames? In fact, if you want to purchase a high-quality drill, it is recommended to visit JB Tool Sales. Not only will you find a quality electric drill, but you can find a number of other essential tools. When it comes down to it, you also want to find an easy to access place for these tools, because there is a good chance that you will be relying on them a lot.

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