Common Heat Pump Problems and Their Solutions

If you live in a moderate climate, a heat pump can be an efficient and cost effective way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm during those winter nights. When it comes down to it, a heat pump could be the smartest alternative to a split, or separated, central heating and cooling system. Indeed, central cooling and heating works well in some houses, but you also have to think about installing the ductwork and you have to think about all the maintenance. When it comes to heat pump basics, there may be other issues that arise besides basic maintenance. Here are some common heat pump problems and their solutions.

One of the biggest problems may be that your heat pump isn’t turning on at all. You flip the switch – nothing. You press buttons – still nothing. This is a common problem, because a heat pump usually has to be combined or added to your electrical grid. There is a good chance that a fuse has blown. Either a fuse has blown for the thermostat or a fuse has blown for the circuit for the room of the house your thermostat is in. If just your thermostat is turned off, you may simply have to reset the breaker.

Another big problem is a frozen heat pump. There are a number of reasons why your heat pump is freezing, but luckily there are also many solutions. One of the most common reasons that your heat pump is frozen is that you need to change the filter. The filter is responsible for keeping out all the dust and detritus from making its way into your unit. Also, your heat pump relies on clean air to produce the cooling power it needs to cool and warm your home. So, simply swap out the filter – it’s easier than you think – and your heat pump should get back to its normal working condition.

Next, you may also experience your heat pump making strange sounds. These strange sounds could be a sign of damages or it may be no big deal at all. In some cases, heat pumps are just noisy. They rumble, whir and make roaring startup noises. In this case, you shouldn’t have to worry. However, if the heat pump is making persistent and loud sounds, you may have to call a repair person right away, because there could be a part missing. You may also have some debris in your heat pump that could be interfering with the fans.

Lastly, perhaps one of the biggest issues is that the heat pump is not providing the right cooling power. If this is the case, you could have a number of problems that need your attention. For instance, the cooling coils may be dirty and need to be cleaned. Also, there may be something wrong with the condenser unit fans. It could also be that you need to refill your heat pump’s refrigerant container. Figuring out why your heat pump is not providing the right cooling power is important, especially if you don’t want the problem to get worse.

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