5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Glass

Have you been thinking about doing some home renovating? If so, have you thought about adding a bit more glass to your decor? Sure, you could do something as simple as picking up a big glass vase to sit on your coffee table or mantle (which is a really nice look if you’re thinking about adding some flowers to it), but there are actually a whole lot of ways that a little bit of glass can actually go a really long way.

Check out these five ways to decorate your home, easily and beautifully, with glass below:

Glass table. Probably one of the more traditional ways to use glass as a way to decorate your home is to add a glass table or two in a couple of different rooms in your house. An all-glass coffee table would be a nice addition in your home office or you can get a glass table for your kitchen as well.

Stained glass windows. Many of us have walked into a church before and found ourselves in total awe of the stained glass windows that were a part of the building’s design. Well, if you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, have you ever considered adding some stained glass windows throughout your own home? Although it would probably be a bit overwhelming to have them featured on all of your windows, your front door being made out of stained glass, a kitchen window made out of stained glass or even some stained glass as the focal point in your master bathroom window can be just the right touch to make your home appear truly timeless and radiant.

Glass floors. Typically, when we think of materials to use for our floors, things like carpet, tile and hardwood come to mind. But did you know that another really aesthetic (and eco-friendly) option is glass flooring? You can get some that is transparent or you can add some glass tiles that tends to catch the light in your home and cause your floors to sparkle.

Sliding glass doors. We’ve all heard the phrase “knock on wood” but if you want to make some of the doors in your home look a bit unique, have you thought to¬†knock on glass instead? A really attractive and yet subtle addition to your home is to install some sliding glass doors. This can be especially nice if you want to separate something like your kitchen from your living room or dining room.

Have a “glass box” added to one of the rooms of your house. If you’re thinking about adding a room onto your home, why not have it be made out of all glass? Not only is that a great way to bring more natural lighting into your home but it if you have a scenic yard, it can be wonderful way to enjoy the view too. One room in particular that a glass box would be nice for is the dining room, if it is right off of the living room or kitchen. For more information on how to have a glass box built, contact your local home improvement store or a contractor within your area.

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