Top 5 Home Pests Prevention Tips and Tricks

Pest infestations and removal processes can become an extensively drawn out and expensive process. Instead of waiting until a serious pest problem arises, it is best to have a more proactive approach to keeping bugs and pests out of your home. For the best results, implement these top 5 home pest prevention tips and tricks to help maintain the quality of your home and keep pests away effectively.

  1. The best and simplest way to keep pests away is to maintain a clean, tidy home. Pests often love messy spaces. Cleaning your house can help you enjoy your home more fully while also getting rid of anything that may attract pests into your home. Clean up dirt, dust and debris where pests like to live. Also be sure to keep your kitchen neat and make sure food is not left out so that pests are not drawn in for a free meal! Use well sealed containers to store food in your cabinets and also clean dishes quickly so that old food is not sitting out and attracting bugs.
  2. Make sure that your home is properly sealed off from the outside. Check your windows, doors, basement, attic, pipes, utilities, and the foundation of your home carefully for any apparent cracks and gaps that may develop over time. Not only can these holes allow drafts into your home, reducing its energy efficiency a great deal, but they are also open access points for pests to enter easily from outside. To get rid of these holes, be sure to seal them up properly. First clean the areas thoroughly and then apply a caulk to the entire cracked area to cover it completely.
  3. Cover any water that is left out inside or in your yard. Still water such as pools, hot tubs, fountains, ponds or other bodies of water can become breeding grounds for pesky insects like flies and mosquitoes. Be sure to empty out water that collects in bowls, watering cans and other areas of your yard to reduce stagnant water.
  4. Keep your pets clean and pest free. Often animals can bring pests into your home such as fleas, spreading them throughout your house quickly. Make sure outdoor animals like dogs are on appropriate flea prevention medications all year long. Also, bathe your animals regularly to keep them fresh and clean throughout the year.
  5. Finally, you can prevent pest infestations by using pests control products. Just be sure to choose products that are safe for you and your family, since many pesticides and other pest control products have harmful chemicals. Look for products with low-risk baits, sprays gels and traps. Always remember to keep these products away from children and reduce your exposure as well.

Implementing all of the pest prevention tips and tricks will help to reduce the likelihood of pests entering your home in a proactive, effective manner. This can help you to reduce money spent on hiring an exterminator or pest control professional such asĀ forsyth exterminating.

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