Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, Halloween can be a very fun experience. It is wonderful to see all the different costumes trick-or-treaters wear on this spooky, candy-filled evening. In order to fully enjoy this holiday, it is necessary to take some safety precautions to ensure that everyone who comes to your home has safe, secure and enjoyable Halloween experience. Consider the top 5 safety tips for homeowners this Halloween.

  1. Most homeowners only consider the safety of the interior of their house or the immediate perimeter near the door, however when Halloween comes around you are responsible for people on your property the second they cross your property line. Reduce risk and help ensure that kids don’t harm themselves by checking your property thoroughly. Make sure there aren’t any bumps or cracks in pavement on the way to your front door. Also pick up potentially hazardous debris like rocks or sticks.
  2. Make sure your walkway is properly lit for Halloween night. It is very important that little ones are able to see where they are walking as they approach your home to trick-or-treat. This illumination can help to ensure that all visitors notice steps, debris and more. Often homeowners are tempted to make their homes seem a bit darker and more mysterious in the spirit of the holiday, however lighting is still important as a health concern and should not be forgotten.
  3. Stay away from and avoid using open flames. Often candles are used for luminaries or for Jack-O-Lanterns. These can be potentially dangerous because they can burn someone or could even be tipped over, leading to a fire. Instead, get the same effect with battery-powered faux-candles. These are safer, plus they flicker just like a real candle so you still get the same mood.
  4. Be conscious and aware of the types of treats you give out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. While it may be tempting to give kids something more nutritious or unique, keep it simple and straightforward. You are responsible for the safety of any child who eats one of your treats. Stick to commercially packed candies or snacks to avoid any issues allergies, or illnesses.
  5. Keep your pets confined on Halloween. It is wise to keep dogs, cats, or other pets away from the front door or porch when visitors will be arriving. All the noise, commotion and people may spook some animals and so they may act out. To protect your pet and prevent him or her from scaring or hurting anyone, keep them away. Plus, some of your visitors may have allergies or phobias so it is smart to avoid any problems.

Halloween is full of fun, but to ensure that everyone has the best time possible, it is important to keep all trick-or-treaters safe during the holiday. Keeping your property well lit and in good shape can help to prevent falls or injuries. In addition avoid using fire by replacing flames with battery powered lights fromĀ, give out commercial candies, and keep your pets in a safe place so that your property is a secure and safe space for everyone celebrating Halloween.

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