5 Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Garage

Even if you move into a home that seems to have way more storage space in the garage than you could ever possibly need, you may find that over time you’re able to fill it and then some. In this consumer culture we tend to collect all manner of stuff like it’s going out of style. And whether your garage is full of tools, tax returns, gardening equipment, painting supplies, sporting goods, camping gear, clothing, or comics, cards, and collectibles (or even just cars), you might discover that the abundant space you started with is quickly taken up by your many purchases. But whether your garage is large or small, you might be looking for ways to optimize your usage in order to squeeze every last inch of usable space out of what you’ve got. So here are just a few strategies that could help you to find some extra storage in your already-cramped garage.

  1. Get organized. If all of your stuff is starting to pile up willy-nilly, getting organized could help to create more room. When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, you’ll find that you have a lot more room to work with. By organizing stuff in stackable bins you should be able to stop it from spilling all over the place, as well as find the room to store a lot more of it.
  2. Go vertical. When you run out of space on your garage floor, in existing cabinets, and on other surfaces (work benches and so on), it may be time to look to the heavens for a little assistance, and there’s nowhere to go but up. By adding vertical storage options in the form of floor-to-ceiling shelving or cabinets, hooks and hangars, or other solutions, you can increase your storage space by a significant margin. If you can’t go out, go up!
  3. Overhead storage. If both floor and wall space is already in use for storage, the next step is to use the space over your head as a home for large items. For example, you can rig up a pulley system that allows you to store your canoe above where your car pulls in. Or you can bolster beams and install sheets of plywood in order to make more square footage overhead for storing boxes. All it takes is a ladder to access it (although you might want to consult with a contractor to make sure it doesn’t all come crashing down on your head due to insufficient ability to bear the load).
  4. Clear the clutter. Perhaps you don’t have to “create” more storage space in your garage. Maybe all you have to do is clear out the storage you already enjoy. A good rule of thumb when it comes to clearing out unneeded items in order to keep your garage orderly is to do a major cleaning once a year. Pull everything out of the garage in order to sweep away cobwebs and look for potential problem areas, and chances are you won’t want to bring it all back in. So separate it into piles of stuff to keep, toss, and sell at your annual garage sale (hopefully scheduled to follow your cleaning). Anything that doesn’t sell can be donated. You’ll get some extra dough AND the storage space you need.
  5. Add-ons. By increasing your garage space with add-ons like extra car ports or an attic area you can put in a lot more storage. Of course, you might have to get permits for this work and hit up a vendor likeĀ ABC garage doors and gates to complete the project, but it won’t fail to give you additional space for storage.

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