Top 5 Gas Leak Tips for Homeowners

If there’s one thing that no homeowner wants to experience, that would be a gas leak. That’s because gas leaks are not only potentially dangerous to our health, but if they go undetected long enough, they can lead to a small fire or even a large explosion.

To insure the safety of you, your loved ones and even your close-by neighbors, we wanted to take out a few moments to provide you with what we consider to be the top five leak tips for homeowners. If you pay attention to these signs, we are confident that your home will remain safe and sound.

Know what it smells like. Some gases (such as carbon and radon) are odorless. That’s why it’s very important to have gas detectors put into your home. However, if you do happen to notice an odor that smells reminiscent of a rotten egg, that is one of the first indications that you may have a gas leak and that you should notify an electrician just as soon as possible.

Be aware of some of the other signs too. A rotten egg scent is not the only sign that there may be a gas leak. You also need to contact a professional if you hear a hissing sound; there is dirt blowing from a hole in the ground outside of your home; you see an explainable wet area or dead vegetation around your house or if you or one of your family members is feeling lightheaded or nausea for no apparent reason.

Do not light up or start anything. If you have noticed any of these signs, because you very well could be experiencing a gas leak, it is imperative that you don’t turn on anything that is run by gas or electricity. Also, be sure to avoid lighting a candle, striking a match or using a cigarette lighter. If you sense that the leak is coming from the outside of your house, we also advise that you not start your car up either. You will need an electrician or someone from your local electric company to confirm that it’s OK to do any of these things first.

Refrain from trying to fix an appliance yourself. Oftentimes, when we read articles on things like how to¬†save on heat with a humidifier or how easy it is to install a programmable thermostat on our own, we tend to think that we can fix just about anything. But if you believe, for any reason, that you have something like a gas appliance that is leaking, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Even if you think it will save you some time or money, it’s an extremely risky measure to take.

Talk to your landlord. If you are renting the property that you live in, fixing a gas leak is actually not your responsibility; it’s something that your landlord should take care of. So after going down this list, if you notice any of these signs, make sure to contact them as soon as possible so that they can have the place inspected. A gas leak is nothing to take lightly, so make sure to not ignore any indications of one in (or around) your home.

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