How to Select the Best Kitchen and Home Appliances

Whether you’re planning to build a new house or you’re simply looking to do a bit of renovating to the one that you currently live in, we’re pretty sure that as you’re going through your checklist of all that needs to be done, your kitchen is one of the rooms that has some work that needs to be done.

So, once you decide on the kind of flooring you’d like to have and what color paint you’d like to put on your walls, there’s going to come a time when you’ll also have to choose the best kitchen and home appliances to add.

That’s where we come in because after doing a bit of research, we have provided you with a comprehensive list for how to choose the ones that will make your kitchen both easy and efficient below:

Look for energy efficient appliances. Hands down, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should look for the kinds of appliances that are designed to be energy efficient; ones that are just as effective but typically use between 30-40 percent less energy than standard models. The easiest way to locate them are to look for the ones that have the Energy Star label. (

Look for electric cooktops and convection ovens. As far as your cooktops and ovens, we recommend that you go with electric for the cooktop because while it tends to perform just as well as a fast gas-heating stove, you will not lose quite as much heat. When it comes to ovens, convection ones that are high-performing are ideal. That’s because they have a fan that circulates heat which ultimately results in your food cooking much faster. Oh, and as far as range hoods, the ones with a built-in ventilation system will quietly remove the exhaust from your kitchen (which is always an added bonus).

Look for compact refrigerators and freezers. Gone are the days of the bulky refrigerator/freezer sets. Thankfully, there are now freestanding models that can fit compactly into just about any space in your kitchen while only sitting a few inches out from your counter space. We recommend that you look for the kind with a dual-compressor because it will help your food to last longer. When it comes to aesthetics, French doors continue to be a popular option and when you’re looking for the right freezer component, we prefer that it be a drawer under the refrigerator. That way, your children can easily reach it.

Look for a drawer dishwasher. Speaking of drawers, if you were to ask a popular appliance repair company such as theĀ Sterling Service Group what kind of dishwasher you should buy, there’s a pretty good chance that they are going to suggest one that is also a drawer because they are much easier to load and they’re able to handle smaller loads (which is always good news as it relates to efficiency).

Look for sinks that are made of eco-friendly materials. And finally, what would any kitchen be without a sink (or two)? There are so many styles to choose from that the main thing that we want to recommend is that if you don’t get one that it’s made out of stainless steel that you get a sink that’s either made out of fiberglass or composite acrylic because they are more eco-friendly. Before making a purchase, first talk it over with your contractor to see what’s best for your kitchen design. For more ideas on how to select the kitchen and home appliances, visit

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