5 Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen on the Cheap

We all have rooms in our house that we wish we could upgrade, only to peep into our bank account and realize that our dream master bedroom, bathroom or kitchen may need to be put on hold. But, even if your budget is a little tight, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t at least a few renovations that can be made; especially when it comes to your kitchen.

If you’d like to do a bit of remodeling and you’ve been looking for some ways that you can do it on the cheap, we have five that will have your kitchen looking like it could be featured on a popular interior design blog below:

Paint your walls. Probably the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way to dramatically change the look of your kitchen is to apply a fresh coat of paint onto it. Just make sure that you use a satin finish and that you also opt for colors that will reflect light rather than absorb it such as white, yellow or even a light shade of green.

Get some new lighting. Speaking of lighting, something else that you can do is switch out the lights that you currently have for something that’s a bit more modern like a ceiling fan or even a little sophisticated such as a chandelier. There are a lot of stores that sell unique lightning fixtures for a pretty economical price both on and offline, so make sure to stop by your local home improvement store or even look at Pottery Barn and Amazon’s websites for ideas.

Purchase a used piece of furniture; then fix it up. Would you like a new kitchen table or perhaps some different chairs? Well, one way that you can get some furniture while also supporting the environment is stopping by a local thrift store to pick up a couple of used items. Thanks to websites such as HGTV and DIY Network (and DIY.org), you can get helpful tips on how to sand, varnish and paint the pieces to look like you paid a lot more for them than you actually did.

Paint your cabinets or floors. Say that you recently went to an exotic kitchen and bath expo and you saw some amazing cabinets that costs a few hundred more dollars than you can afford to spend. Something else that you can do is paint your cabinets or even your floors (if they are made out of wood). White cabinets are all the rage and a pale gray or a shade of blue for the flooring are really popular choices too.

Get some new cooking accessories. The kitchen happens to be one of the rooms in the house where people tend to look at the décor details in it the most. So, why not stop by your local Wal-Mart and pick up some new hand towels, cooking utensils, or even a tea pot or picture to hang on the wall? Trust us, just a few touches can make a world of difference without you having to spend a lot of money in the process. Happy renovating!

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