5 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Fireplace

When you were first in the market to get a new home and you walked in and saw a fireplace in the living room or master bedroom, immediately, that was probably a huge selling point. After all, can there be anything more romantic or cozy than a roaring fireplace on a cold winter night?

Yet here’s the thing: Did you know that when it comes to many older fireplaces, an overwhelming amount of them are only 10 percent efficient? This means that most fireplaces are wasting energy and are also contributing to poor air quality for its users.

The good news is that there are several things that you can do to drastically improve the efficiency of the fireplace that you have. If you’re curious to know what those are, we have included five highly-effective ways below:

Hire a chimney sweep. Just like it does the rooms in our homes a world a good to give them thorough cleaning every couple of months, our fireplaces are no different. Overtime, creosote (the oily liquid that comes from tar) can start to accumulate in our fireplaces and prevent them from working at an optimal level. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a chimney sweep to come and clean them out once a year.

Buy some glass doors. When you’re not using your chimney, cold air tends to come through it and enter into the rooms of your house. However, by adding some glass doors to your fireplace, you significantly reduce the amount of outside air that comes in. Plus, by having glass doors, you can also keep the air flowing through your air conditioner from escaping up through your chimney too.

Add a fire grate. Something that you can do to lift up the logs in your fireplace and position them in such a way that more heat goes into the rooms of your home is add a fire grate. With its help, the logs will burn longer and cleaner too.

Get a fireplace insert. If you were going to purchase a new HVAC unit, you might ask the technician questions likeĀ how does a ductless AC work? Or what’s the benefit in getting an Energy star brand? Well, if you were going to ask someone to come over and provide you with some failsafe tips on how to make your fireplace more efficient, one of the things that they might ask is if you have a fireplace insert. The reason why is because they actually help to seal off the opening of your fireplace, which automatically results in your fireplace becoming 65 percent more efficient. As an added bonus, you’ll also release less emissions into the atmosphere with one too.

Use seasonal wood. One tip that many people tend to overlook is making sure that they only use seasonal wood. The kind of wood that has been cut a year prior and has been kept dry the entire time not only produces the most heat but also results in the least amount of creosote build-up too. So, when you’re out shopping for wood, make sure that it’s been sitting for a while. On a really cold night, your fireplace will thank you for it.

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