How to Avoid Common House Painting Issues

There are so many things that we can pay a professional to do, especially when it comes to remodeling our home. We can pay them to install a new dishwasher. We can pay them to put down new flooring. We can even pay them to paint the exterior and interior of our house. But thanks to channels like HGTV, we don’t always have to rely on a professional’s assistance. With a little patience and willingness to follow instructions, we can actually do many home renovations ourselves.

If you’re someone who is thinking about giving your house a fresh coat of paint and you’d like it to be a DIY project, we have a few tips below on how to avoid some of the common house painting issues that can happen when you try to do it yourself. That way, you can get the paint job right—the first time.

Go with a low VOC brand. Paint tends to have a lot of chemicals in it and with that comes tons of toxins and fumes. If you happen to have an allergy or sensitivity to some of the chemicals in the paint, that can lead to headaches, nose bleeds and respiratory infections. One way to avoid this is to purchase low VOC paint. It’s made from natural ingredients which means less fumes, less emissions and safer results for your health as well as the environment.

Get some paint pour lids. Something that people dislike the most about painting their house is the amount of mess that it can cause. For instance, when you’re trying to pour the paint into the trays so that you can use your paint rollers, it’s not uncommon for the paint to splash everywhere. Something you can do to avoid this is to purchase some paint pour lids. Not only do they help the paint to pour quicker and cleaner but they also have a tight seal which can help what remains to last longer too.

Use a primer. It doesn’t matter if you’re painting the outside of your home, one of the rooms inside of your house or even some wooden furniture, if you want something that will seal your surfaces, block out stains, make the colors look richer and also cause the paint to last longer, you definitely need to go with a primer. Otherwise, you could end up painting your house again sooner than you initially planned.

Try some tack cloth. One reason why a lot of people prefer to hire a professional painter is because they know that they will get everything right, down to the last detail. For example, if your home happens to have a lot wooden trim and you’ve recently sanded it down in order to paint it, you may find that once the paint dries, there’s a lump or two from debris or a small piece of carpeting or fabric due to the dust that was left behind from the sand job. One way to avoid this is to wipe down the surface of what you’re planning to paint with tack cloth beforehand. That way, the surface will be nice and smooth and the end result will be too.

Watch the weather. If you were to speak with a company likeĀ Westport Painters about what you should do to get great paint results, one thing they would probably tell you is to be aware of the temperature and weather conditions. The reason why is because moisture tends to cause paint to bubble up and make your paint job look really unattractive. So if you’re planning to paint the exterior of your home, fall is an ideal time of the year to do it. If it’s the inside that you want to paint, just make sure that the humidity levels are very low. That way, one time will be enough.

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