5 Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Property Through Landscaping

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you’ve probably spent quite some time thinking about ‘curb appeal’. This is absolutely crucial if you want to get top dollar for your property. Potential buyers often make their decision the second they get out of the car and look at your home. After all, the ‘Three L’s” (location, location, location) are considered the most important part of real estate for a reason. People want to feel comfortable there, and easily be able to picture themselves lounging on the lawn or reclining on the front patio. This is where landscaping can make a huge difference. A well-manicured property with a bright paint job will entice the buyers to come in and hang around, while a drab, dumpy exterior will probably send them running back to their cars. Want to know how to take the next step? Here are five tips for increasing the value of your property through landscaping.

Whether your landscaping design is super simple or beautifully intricate you’ve got to keep it well groomed. This will serve you well during nice days, offering maximum enjoyment of your property. But it will be absolutely crucial when you’re getting ready to show the house. Hire professionals if need be, but just make sure everything looks well cared for. Rake up any leaves or downed branches and have them hauled away. Keep the yard trimmed and even, and try to prune your plants often so they are at their best. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning landscape design, but it does need to look neat.

If you’re going to be planting new stuff in advance of the sale, consider going with seasonal and regionally appropriate varieties. Gardening by region has become increasingly popular, especially in parts of the country where water becomes scarce in the summertime. By planting shrubs, flowers and trees that naturally occur in your region you’ll help reduce the costs of upkeep for the future owner, and insure that everything looks fresh without requiring heavy chemical fertilizers.

For those who live in more arid climates, consider landscaping that doesn’t require much water at all. Many homeowners have done quite well with cactus gardens. They’re dangerous if you get too close, but absolutely lovely all year round. If you seem to have trouble getting grass to grow, consider a rock garden instead. You can do something that’s architecturally quite interesting but takes very little upkeep. If the buyer doesn’t have a particularly green thumb that could be very enticing.

When it comes to trees, consider planting patterns that will actually help you control the climate in your home. This is going to take a bit of planning, but it’s always worth it. First off, try to avoid blocking the natural wind patterns across your house. If things get hot in the summer that cross breeze will allow the new owner to cut back on air conditioning costs, which is a huge benefit in a down economy. You might also want to plant trees so they offer natural shade over your outdoor sitting areas and around the windows. This will keep the temperature down inside and give the buyers better use of the outdoor space. Just make sure you don’t place the trees so close to the house that their branches overhang the roof. That could lead to costly roofing issues down the line.

Finally, consider ways to automate the water supply. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to install one of theĀ best irrigation systems in San Antonio TX. Even a simple automated sprinkler system will do the trick. Anything that takes some of the guesswork out of the process will certainly increase the value of your home. Automated systems will also save on water, therefore cutting down the monthly utility bills. You might have to show it off to the potential buyer, but if you have it professionally installed it will certainly be to your benefit.

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