5 Benefits of Tinting the Windows throughout Your Home

Have you been thinking about doing a bit of home renovating? Or perhaps you’ve been considering becoming a bit more energy efficient and installing some double-pane windows? If either of these is the case, something that you might want to add to your list of home decor things to do is putting some tint on the windows that you have throughout the rooms in your house.

Now before you start to think of the cars on that have dark-tinted windows on them and how that’s not exactly the kind of look that you’re going for, please hear us out. When your home’s windows are tinted, not only is it so subtle that you barely notice the difference but there are many benefits that come with having it as well. Just check out these five advantages below:

They control the heat in your home. As you may already know, one of the absolute best things about having tinted windows is that it can keep your house cooler without the need to turn up your air conditioning unit in order to do so. That’s right. It’s a proven fact that tinted windows can block up to as much as 71 percent of the solar energy that tries to come into your house. This means a comfortable home without spending a lot of electricity to do it.

They block UV rays. There aren’t a lot of people who probably think that they should put on a layer of sunscreen while they’re indoors, but the truth of the matter is that if you’re sitting in the room where the sun is beaming on you for more than an hour, the UV rays can start to take effect. Tinted windows can shield you from 91 percent of those too.

They give you more privacy. Another great thing about having tinted windows is that although you can easily see outside of them, it’s challenging for others to see inside from the exterior of the house. This means that you can move about more freely without having to be concerned about neighbors or pedestrians possibly looking in.

They remove the glare. Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean a lot. If you’re someone who enjoys natural lighting but not the glare that it oftentimes provides, this is just one more reason to get some window tinting. It drastically cuts down the amount of glare coming onto your television and PC screens, making it easier to enjoy both the sun as well as your view.

They make your home safer. Aside from the lower energy bills and warm temps that are cooler as the result of tinted windows, something else that they provide is an increased sense of safety. For one thing, being that they make it harder to see inside of your house, this deters potential thieves. Plus, because window tinting tends to make your windows far more durable, if someone does happen to try and break in or accidentally hits it, the result is not you having broken glass all over the floor. Instead, the glass stays all in one piece. And out of all of the reasons that we just provided, anything that will keep you and yours safer is definitely something to strongly consider getting. Just as soon as possible.

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