5 Army Theme Bedroom Design Ideas for Boys

If you’ve got boys at home that love nothing more than playing Army, that collect G.I. Joe action figures like they’re the greatest thing on earth and ask you three times a week if they’re old enough yet to play with paintball guns you’ve certainly got your hands full. But you can fulfill at least a little bit of their passion by designing their room with a military theme. At the same time, you probably don’t want to walk into wall-to-wall camouflage every single day. Their love of all things Army can be reflected in their bedroom without making everything fit that simple cliche. It’s going to take a careful shopping eye and some luck at yard sales, but when you’re done with the process you and your boys will be more than happy. Here are five Army theme bedroom design ideas for boys.

The simplest way of starting the bedroom transformation is with the right coat of paint. An Army-themed bedroom certainly cannot have baby blue walls, and picking the right color will be the first step towards knocking the design out of the park. Start off with a neutral color that gives the impression of camouflage without going all the way. Tan is a great choice, which you can brighten a little bit with trim details painted in olive green. If desert warfare has your child’s attention go with that sandy tan, and then trim it in dark brown.

The paint job will work even if they grow out of this phase, but if you paint Army details on the wall you’ll be stuck with them until you decide to repaint the entire room. Look for acrylic wall stickers or stencils as a great alternative. You can even have these designed yourself for a bit of a personal touch. Consider stickers that depict a variety of Army equipment, or even some of their most recognizable military insignia. And the best part is they can be switched out with ease.

Stickers are great, but you’ll want to pepper the room with some real life details. Almost every town in America has an Army surplus store, and that can become your treasure trove of design goodies. You obviously won’t be hanging a bowie knife on the walls, but duffle bags, canteens and even a tent all make incredible details. Look for one of those simple, triangle pup tents to hang over your boy’s bed. He’ll feel like he’s on a mission every night before he goes to sleep.

Since the Army has entered the modern information age they’ve done a great job of promoting their efforts to younger generations. So you should have no problem finding all sorts of Army related posters. Don’t be afraid to actually ask the Army for suggestions as well. Look up the closest recruiting office and ask if they’d be willing to donate posters. If your son finds out you’ve purchased him a legitimate Army poster he’ll be on his best behavior for a week.

Finally, look for some comfortable details that can pull through the Army theme without sacrificing the bedroom feel. TheĀ camo trading website will be a great resource for you in these efforts. Look for pillows, curtains and rugs that have an Army or straight American theme, such as the bald eagle or the stars and stripes. A brightly colored rug in an otherwise neutral tone room will look absolutely incredible.

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