5 Benefits of Having Heated Tile Floors in Your Home

Although home heating is probably the last thing you’re thinking about in the middle of summer, this is a great time to get a head start on renovations that will warm your family through the fall and winter. There are plenty of different ways to heat a house, although most people have only experienced radiators or forced air. Forced air is the standard for central HVAC units. It will certainly do the job, but it’s got several negatives, including a steep price tag. Radiators are the tried and true classics of heating, but unless you are right next to the unit you might still feel the chill. If you’ve got tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom, you might want to consider radiant heat. Here are five of the benefits of having heating tiles floors in your home.

First of all, you’ll save an awful lot of money. Underfloor heating basically works by installing tubes that push hot water under your feet, or coils that run electrical heating. It won’t be the cheapest thing in the world to install, costing you anywhere from $5 to $15 for every square foot you run under the tiles. But if you use your floor heating as the primary heat source in each room, you could see your regular energy bill drop by as much as 50%. That’s a huge savings, and will certainly more than pay for the installation over the course of the year.

Heated tile floors will also warm a room without any of the annoying audible side effects. Forced air systems and radiators are noisy appliances. They blow air loudly through the room, they hum with the constant energy outlay, they click, swoosh and crackle. If you’re sitting there trying to read a book that will get old in a hurry. Heated tile floors will do the same amount of work but will run completely silent. You’ll certainly notice the difference.

Forced air systems that blow across the room can also be quite uncomfortable. The air blows out of vents, and you’ll have to feel the hot air on your face. It will dry your skin and cause drafts that are certainly unpleasant. There also won’t be any of those static electricity issues that give you a shock every time you touch a doorknob.

Even a well-maintained HVAC system can wreak havoc on your allergies or asthma. Dust, mold, pet dander and all sorts of impurities hang out in your ducts and blow through the room along with that precious heat. The sum total can seriously degrade your home’s air quality, and if it’s cold out you certainly won’t want to open the windows to let in fresh air. With heated tile floors you’ll enjoy a warm room without any of those air quality issues.

Finally, heated tile floors will give you far more control over the temperature of the room than even a high end HVAC system. When you install the underfloor coils or pipes you’ll tie the whole system into a programmable thermostat on the wall. That will give you the ability to adjust the warmth of your house on a room by room basis. Unless you pursue a costly HVAC tuneup and remodel you won’t have this sort of control. It will save you money, and help you avoid wasting energy in rooms that are empty.

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