5 Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Impact

If you’d like to address some lingering issues around your home, your first step is probably analyzing your budget. And many homeowners get discouraged during this first step, resigning themselves to simply live with the issue for another year. But home improvements don’t have to cost a lot of money. If you’d like to add a room or upgrade the kitchen, you’ll probably have to save up for a while. But there are plenty of smaller projects you can tackle that will freshen the look and feel of your home, delivering huge results for a relatively tiny investment. Here are five small home improvements that will make a big impact.

First on the list is refreshing your home’s paint job. You can take this room by room, or start with the exterior for a truly eye-catching difference. Even quality paints aren’t that expensive, but a new color scheme can brighten a previously dark and murky space, and bring a dated design up to date. Head out to your local Home Depot or paint shop and pick up some color wheels. Take swatches in different tones and set them up on the wall. You can even purchase a small sample can, so you can live with the actual color up on the walls for a few days before deciding on your final color choice.

Another fantastic small home improvement that will return huge results is switching out the trim in your home. Perhaps the original trim was once in style, but now feels old or just scratched and dirty. Switch it out for crown molding, or trim that’s got some interesting details. If you want something striking that doesn’t raise the price that much, start with standard boards along the base and then add a more interesting trim in a thin layer along the top.

Wander through your kitchen and bathrooms and consider upgrading the hardware and fixtures. You can tailor this perfectly for your budget, and it will create a huge impact in each room. Tastes and styles change frequently in this area, so switching out dated fixtures for something modern will make a huge impact. You can also usually afford to go with higher end materials here, since the pieces you’re switching out are fairly small. Take a look at the light fixtures as well when you’re deciding on projects to tackle.

On the higher end of the small home improvement project list is replacing the doors in your home. Doors can be pricey, so pick and choose your battle. But you can get creative with interior doors that don’t have to be particularly sturdy. Consider french doors between the communal rooms in your home, to allow natural light to stream from room to room. Pocket doors are a nice touch as well, especially between the kitchen and the dining room. You can also search for vintage doors you can refinish, which might be attractive if you’re going to replace your front door. That’s where you’ll achieve the highest impact.

Finally, consider increasing the shelving in your home. Shelf space instantly reduces the clutter around the house, while also giving you places to feature your favorite collectibles or works of art. You could find a home remodeling company known for this type of work, but in most cases you should be able to handle this task on your own. With the right materials and a little bit of experience you can have a brand new shelf built and mounted in less than an hour.

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