Top 10 Paint Colours for Kids’ Bedroom

navy blue white bedroom decorating ideas Top 10 Paint Colours for Kids BedroomNew year is coming and your little kids may want something new on their bedroom. You can stop thinking about replacing all the furniture and explore more on paint colours. This year brings many favourite colours for kids bedroom. You may want to use one of them or the combination to change your kids’ bedroom look. Here are the top colours.

1. Navy Blue and White

This is suitable for both boys and girls room. If you want it to be livelier, you can add red on several of the pillows or rugs.

2. Purple and White

Girls will love the colour. Be brave and make purple the dominant colour. Give accent by using white on several furniture items, linen, and decorative items.

3. Yellow, White, and Blue

This combination makes cheerful interior. Use blue for the walls, several yellows on furniture combined with white, and matching rugs for the room.

4. Green Leaves and Brown

This makes the most natural look, and increases their clam while inside the room. Choose wood brown for warmer feeling, and encourage the decor with forest wall stickers.

5. Orange, Grey, and Blue

It makes cheerful modern finishing. Use grey as the wall paint, and combine it with orange for furniture and linen. Add accessories and rugs on blue.soft green pink bedroom kids ideas Top 10 Paint Colours for Kids Bedroom

6. Soft Green and Pink, and White

Leave the wall with plain white. Use pink furniture, and green accessories for the decoration. You can also make lines from green and pink on the plain white.

7. Red, White, and Black

This is an edgy colour, and it makes the most exciting paint colours for boys’ room. Try to paint it on strips and lines.

8. Yellow, Orange, and Green

Green will be the best main colour here. To prevent plain look, yellow and orange can be paint on top of it as variation.

9. Pink and Sand

The combination makes calm, sweet, and pretty looks. This makes best choice for girls’ bedroom. Encourage with matching decoration and also accessories including rugs.

10. Grey, Purple, and White

It can work for boys and girls. It gives calm and soft sense along with modern and energetic atmosphere.

Which one do you like? Consider the atmosphere and loot the colour brings. Involve your kids on choosing so they can also express their own selves. Also make sure that they really like the choice. This will be cheaper project for the new year. Have fun.

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