5 Ideas for Textured Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles should be designed very carefully. Bathroom is a place where you are going to not only clean your body but have some relaxes as well. Your bathroom tile will be a great deal. You should consider using textured one and here are several interesting ideas to use it.

1. On the Floor

Sometimes, a single colour, or variations on colour is already common. You can pull off some of them and replace it with the textured floor. It does not necessarily to be on the entire floor. You can make patterns or lines using it. It will change the look of the floor and bathroom in the end.

2. On Walls

You can add the textured tiles on the back of your faucet or sink, near the mirror or several other places that get less light. If your tiles are already dark, the textured ones should be lighter. It will make your bathroom looks new and also larger. You should make plan first before installation of the tiles.textured bathroom tiles 5 Ideas for Textured Bathroom Tiles

3. On Tub

You will spend a long time in your tub. It will be pleasant if the tiles around your tub look different. You can combine your old tiles with new one with texture. It makes sophisticated and rich look. You will love staying longer in the bath tub. Be really careful so you will not ruin your tub.

4. On Shower

Make different look on your shower. You can replace the old tiles with textured ones so your shower will look more natural and rich. However, a combination between the two will be really pretty as well. Try to make patterns or lines and you will see the difference it makes. This project is pretty easy to do as well.

5. On Counter

Common counters are pretty but you can make even more unique look using textured tiles. With careful planning and professional hands, you will have just a nice looking and different counter. Make sure that you have space to put your products as well. The key for great look will be the right choice on colour. You’ll like it.

These ideas look simple and common. However, with your personal touch and unique design, the tiles can look totally special and distinctive. You can adopt one of those ideas or simply combine them to make even lovelier look in your bathroom. Sometimes, new look will only need simple steps or changes.

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