5 Best Trends on Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been one of most picked choices for house and office flooring. Many people love how they can be unique and nice to look at on the same time. People also love how easy to clean and maintain it. If you want it, here are the newest trends you should consider.

Coastal Tones

Some people also call it the white washed tone. It offers more than just comfortable flooring. The sandy looks makes you feel like you are on vacation and you are spending a precious time of relax in a beautiful beach. The beauty and natural look of this flooring attracts many hotels, spas, and houses owners. You will like it.

Earthy Toned

The natural thing is on trend again and natural look on flooring will be such a terrific idea. Your house will look perfect with this tone. It gives serene and calm look, and the natural and soft colour will just match every size of room and every type of room in your house. It is just gorgeous.Earthy Toned Kitchen 5 Best Trends on Laminate Flooring

Piano High Gloss Finish

It really looks like a piano. Your floor will be one glossy and super nice. This trend is one of the most favourite choices right now. It gives chic and rich look on a room, and of course, sophisticated feeling when you step on it. The realistic and clear look is another addition to your floor.

Handscraped Finish on Dark Floors

This is a perfect combination people recently really love about. Handscraped finish is really imperfect with hands marks and also shallow groves everywhere. Meanwhile, the dark floor offers sophisticated and luxurious look. The combination makes a perfect mix of luxury and natural look at once. How can we make complain on such combination after all?

French Bleed Floors

The edge of every plank is darkened on this model. It gives the natural look a highlight and sweet contrasts between planks. Many people love how this offers classy yet elegant look at the same time. You will find many of this model on store since it is the favourite trend right now. It’s perfect.

Now, adjust your choice with the building or house design, final look you want to achieve, and your budget. You do not necessarily have to adopt the trends, but you can always use it as muse. Create your own unique design and maybe it will make the next trend.

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