6 Basic Tips to Clean Home Tiles

clean tile floors 6 Basic Tips to Clean Home TilesCleaning home tiles is actually pretty simple. Here are several practical tips to do it.

Scheduled Daily Cleaning

You must schedule regular cleaning like sweeping every morning and afternoon at your house. This will prevent dusting and spot in your tiles. Do it on light traffic at the house.

Immediate Actions

When foods or beverages are spoiled, immediately wipe it off. This will prevent marks on your tiles. Use soft cloth and a little water when you need to.

Baking Soda

For several spots, you may need additional helps like baking soda. Baking soda can erase spots and spills. Leave it a night and your tiles will be flawless again.

Cleaning Solution Products

Buy several cleaning products. Make sure that it contains nothing dangerous or too hard for the tiles. Check on the label to find out.

Warm Water and Soft Cloth

Warm water will remove most spills and spots. You will also need soft cloth to wipe the tiles. Be careful so you do not make any scratch.

Vacuum Cleaner

Use vacuum cleaner every two weeks or a month. This will remove all remaining dust and keep your tiles clear.

Try those tips and see how it works well on your tiles.

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